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Chronic Lyme Disease, Misdiagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA): Jo-Ann’s Lyme Disease Story Comes To An End


In Memory of Jo-Ann Colburn, a true Lyme Warrior!

Jo-Ann’s Chronic Lyme disease fight comes to a tragic end

It is with great sadness that I (Jo-Ann’s husband) must tell you that Jo-Ann’s health worsened and within the last couple of weeks she suddenly passed away. We are heartbroken but comforted in knowing that she is no longer suffering.

We are picking up the pieces and struggling to cope with her loss; she was a fighter to the end and never once considered defeat, so neither did we.

I will likely take up where she left off as we both were concerned for those struggling with Lyme disease, it’s symptoms and diagnosis. To that end, I’m sure I will write more about Jo-Ann’s journey and it’s tragic and unexpected end. Unfortunately, from this point on you will get my perspective, but I will always do my best to honor her heroic battle and let her voice shine through whenever possible.

Chronic Lyme disease is often a controversial topic, as I sure many of you know. Jo-Ann was denied treatment for Lyme disease for the better part of a decade, believing in what her medical “professionals” where telling her rather than what her body was telling her. She often used the word “misdiagnosed” to describe those unfortunate lost years in proper medical treatment, but I now see that in addition, or as a better definition, perhaps the correct term should be “undiagnosed”. If not that, then certainly “untreated” is accurate.

She would have been surprised and I think a little pleased that one of the underlying diseases listed on her death certificate as causing her to die, and is now in the official records, was Chronic Lyme disease! Too many times the medical evidence, patient history and the obvious symptoms of Chronic Lyme disease were overlooked or summarily dismissed as not being something “real”, causing her, a suffering patient in need of help and healing, to experience additional real physical and mental suffering.

I will rant at another time: but I wonder as a society if we are practicing medicine or selective torture in the name ego, ignorance and profits?

For the time being, we are coping as a family with the loss of someone so dear to us, her husband, three sons and family. It is not lost on us the impact Jo-Ann had on many of you, too, here on this site, Facebook, Twitter, etc. She helped many people all around the world each week learn about Lyme disease, and I know that made her happy.

If you would like to honor Jo-Ann you can make a donation to ILADS in her memory. If you would like to support her family, please make a donation using the button below. We will use the donations for the immediate and unexpected needs to support our family and three boys, with any extra money donated to ILADS in Jo-Ann’s memory and to help in the Lyme disease research and fight.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

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