Arthritis Friendly Prescription Bottle Covers?

mtx 001

So I request the arthritis friendly covers for my prescription bottles. Sometimes I get them, sometimes I don;t. So I’ve made it a point to keep a few extras around the house in various bottle sizes just in case the pharmacy forgets.

I recently filled my Arthrotec prescription and the pharmacy remembered to put the arthritis friendly cover on the bottle.

Good news!


The problem is I still can’t open the bottle.

Does this ever happen to you?

It seems crazy that I can’t get the cover off with my hands, but I can’t. I have to use my teeth to open the stupid bottle.

I think they need to reinvent the arthritis friendly bottle/cover combo. Maybe they can try something simple like a Pez dispenser. Just simply tip the head back and pain relief is on it’s way.

Just a thought 🙂


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