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Product Review: THERA-GESIC Pain Relieving Creme

Recently I was contacted by a representative for THERA-GESIC. I was asked if I was interested in trying their product.

Well I’m always up for trying something new so I said yes.

The product arrived the next day and as luck would have it I was in need of some relief from my aching muscles and joints. Lucky for me they sent the Maximum Strength formula, because I was really feeling awful.

I have to admit, I have tried many pain relieving rubs with varying degrees of success. I had never tried this brand before so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

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Arthritis Friendly Prescription Bottle Covers?

mtx 001

So I request the arthritis friendly covers for my prescription bottles. Sometimes I get them, sometimes I don;t. So I’ve made it a point to keep a few extras around the house in various bottle sizes just in case the pharmacy forgets.

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