Kitchen Gadgets for Arthritic Hands

Ten years of uncontrolled inflammation has done its damage and my hands no longer work the way that they should. I find that sometimes it’s the simple things that I can’t do that can be the most frustrating.

For me opening a zippered plastic bag is almost impossible. I usually just get frustrated and grab some scissors and cut the thing open and then use one of those slide bags to store the contents in the future.

I started looking around the web for an answer to my problem, when I ran across this site. It’s called Rehab Mar.comt and has this great kitchen gadget page with all sorts of solutions for hands that just don’t work the way that they should.

So naturally I had to share.

I still haven’t found something that can open those zippered bags they way they were intended to be opened. I did find something that can close the damn things though. I can’t pinch things, so closing those bags can be equally frustrating.

Zipper Bag Sealer

They do have gadgets that can open and close bags with alternative measures, but not the way the bags were designed to work. They also have gizmos that open milk cartons and any kind of jar you could imagine.

Milk Carton Opener

If you are looking for something to make things in the kitchen a little bit easier, I would check this site out. And if you know someone with arthritis in their hands I think some of these would make great stocking stuffers for Christmas!

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