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Kitchen Gadgets for Arthritic Hands

Ten years of uncontrolled inflammation has done its damage and my hands no longer work the way that they should. I find that sometimes it’s the simple things that I can’t do that can be the most frustrating.

For me opening a zippered plastic bag is almost impossible. I usually just get frustrated and grab some scissors and cut the thing open and then use one of those slide bags to store the contents in the future.

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Hope and Chronic Illness



I had to share this quote, because it really speaks to me.

“There is no medicine like hope”


Doesn’t that say so much?

According to Oxford’s Dictionary, hope is defined as “grounds for believing that something good may happen” and “a feeling of trust”. I think that in order to survive any chronic illness you need to have hope. A need to believe and trust that the current situation is just temporary.

I am a realist, I have read all the statistics and studies. I am aware of the scientific opinions. I know what I am dealing with.

But that does not stop me from having hope.

Hope is important.

Without it, what is left?

Hope sustains me. And so, when energy for me is a valuable commodity, I do not waste it. I choose to focus my energy on hope, and what will make getting through the day easier.

I believe that what you put out into the universe to get back. So I put out the belief that there is a cure out there, that another will never know the suffering that I have, that there is a scientist out there with answers to my disease that make sense. And that tomorrow, if even in a small way, is a bit better than today.

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