Monthly Archives: October 2012

Seize the Day

One of the most important lessons that any chronic illness teaches us is that nothing, including health, is permanent. During the times when we feel able, we have to seize the opportunity to enjoy it because those moments can be fleeting.

When given the opportunity to do something, I do it. I don’t put things off.  I may or may not ever get the same opportunity again and I may never be able to do what I can now so I may as well go for it.

Certain activities, like yoga, give me a  great deal of peace and pleasure. It centers me in a way that no other activity has been able to. The connection with my body and mind is something that I truely relish. It is not an activity that I am able to do all the time. Unfortunately my body does not always want to do yoga as frequently as my mind would.  When I am able physically to practice yoga I am completely in the moment and I really give myself some time afterward to savor the experience.

I have learned to focus all my energy on the experience in front of me. Tomorrow is something I can deal with then. Yesterday I cannot change. Today is all I have and I cannot predict where I will be in the future, so I need to focus on now.

From day to day I really never know what I am going to feel like. So planning ahead is really not a great option. It used to unnerve me, not being able to plan ahead, but I’ve chosen to embrace it.

Everyday is an adventure. Some days the adventure is spent on the couch. Other days going for a long walk. But each day and each experience is of value.

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