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Product Review: Trudeau Line of Stress Less Products.

Recently I had the opportunity to try the new line of Stress Less Kitchen Products by Trudeau. I was asked by the company to give an honest review of their products. While I was not paid for the review, I was sent the items at no charge.  Always on the look out for anything that can make kitchen preparation easier, I was thrilled to give their line a try.

The first product I tested was the pepper mill. This light-weight acrylic  Pepper Mill is really easy to turn. I happen to have several pepper mills, one of which is all but impossible for me to use. I am so pleased that the Stress Less Pepper Mill worked so well because now I don’t have to ask for help when I want fresh pepper. Here is a video from the product site so that you can see how easy it is to adjust and turn.

Trudeau Stress Less Pepper Mill/Salt Mill

I was sent a Stress Less Salt Mill as well. It is virtually the same product with salt inside instead of pepper. The salt does make a squeaky noise when you use it, but it still turns so easily it almost glides. It does seem that as we use the salt, it squeaks less. Maybe there was just too much salt in it.

The only drawback that I could find was the plastic packaging around the pepper mill (not the salt). It was difficult for me to open. All the other products had paper packaging which was much easier on my hands. The mills run for $34.99 each. I do think they are worth every penny simply for their ease of use.

After giving the mills a go, I was excited about trying the next product which was the can opener.

Trudeau Stress Less Can Opener

The directions on how to use the Stress Less Can Opener leave a bit to be desired as it took me a while to figure out what they were trying to tell me. It took me a few times to get the handles to lock onto the can but once I got the hang of it, it seemed fine.

On the day that I tried the can opener, my hands were really bothering me so squeezing the handle to get it to lock on the can was a bit hard. I was still able to do it, though. The issue I had with it was although it is fairly easy to make the handle move around the can, I found that as I was turning the handle, it was hard to keep the can from tipping.

I also learned after the first can I had to be sure I knew where on the can that I started because the blade cuts the can so fine it is hard to tell when you have finished the task. Although in the video the cover simply popped up when using the grips to take the lid off, that was not my experience. It took a bit more effort to pop the top, although it was not that  difficult.

A nice feature is that there are no worries about a sharp lid. All in all for a hand can opener it was much easier than a conventional one. I am completely unable to use one of those, which is why I normally use a electric can opener. But if we lose electricity, I will be able to open a can without having to call someone for help. At $19.99 this is an affordable can opener.

After my success with the mills and can opener I was really looking forward to trying out their garlic press. I have a garlic press and haven’t used it in years because I just don’t have the hand strength to make it work.

Trudeau Stress Less Garlic Press

I love the idea of this garlic press, using the counter to do some of the work. I don’t know if it’s because I also have wrist issues or not but I found it impossible to make this press work. I even tried using my forearm and my upper body weight to try and press the garlic, but after several attempts on two different occasions, I will still not able to do it.

When I look at the design, I can see, why in theory this should work, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t make it press. I had my kids give it a try and while they were able to do it, it was far from easy for them. I think that maybe if the holes that the garlic is being pressed through were a bit bigger, it might make it easier, but I don’t know.

On the plus side, this garlic press is really easy to clean and remove the remnants of the garlic. This garlic press sells for $19.99

Trudeau Stress Less Pizza Cutter/Wheel

I have to admit when I saw the pizza cutter I was a bit intimidated. I have a pizza wheel/cutter but it is much smaller and when I saw how close my hand was supposed to be to the blade I was a little concerned.

Putting my preconcieved notions aside, I set out to make some pizza and see how things went. The instructional video does a great job of showing how easy it is to remove the blade for cleaning. I found the pizza cutter easily cut through both a thin and thick pizza crust.

Although I initially wasn’t thrilled with my hand being so close to the blade, it actually made it much easier to cut a pizza. At $12.99 this pizza cutter is a bargain.  All in all I would say that the Trudeau Pizza Cutter was a hit!

Trudeau Stress Less Cheese Grater

The last item I had the opportunity to try was the Stress Less Cheese Grater. I tried it on both a hard cheese like a parmesiano romano and a bit softer cheese like a cheddar. The harder cheese is what works best in this type of grater, but I was happily surprised that the cheddar did very well too! I was concerned that maybe the softer cheese would gum up the grater, but it worked great!

For $19.99 this grater is a bargain. A++++ on this product.

All the products I tested offer a lifetime warranty. This is something that you don’t see everyday. Trudeau products can be found on 81 sites on the web. You can find a complete list of their current online retailers here.

All the products I tested were light weight however they all seemed quite sturdy. With a lifetime warranty, I would have no reservations purchasing one of these products.

If you are looking to pick up any one of Trudeau’s Stress Less products in person, they have a search on their site for finding a store near you. Here is a link.

In celebration of Arthritis Awareness month, in the coming weeks we will be giving away a set just like the one I reviewed. Details to follow!

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