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Pace Yourself.

You would think after all these years I would learn to pace myself better.  Trying to find the tipping point between doing what I want to accomplish and over doing has been a challenge.  I am lucky that my treatment is working well enough that I often forget that I have RA.  But more often that not I somehow manage to keep going at what ever project I am workinig on and end up out of commission for the next couple of days lamenting my own stupidity at overdoing yet again.  Eric often warns me not to over do it and my response is usually “I won’t” even knowning that I probably will.  Why do I wait until something starts to hurt until I stop? I do try really hard to listen to my body, but when I am focused on a particular task … I just seem to forget until I hurt.  Is there a particular time limit on any activity so that I won’t do too much?  I can’t seem to find the right balance for me.  Am I the only one who can’t seem to find the right pace?

Flu Shots.

When I started putting together my “about me” page just yesterday I wrote about the ups and downs not thinking that yesterday would be and up and today a down.  I woke up this morning really stiff and sore.  I immediately started to try and figure out what I had done the day before that might have instigated  all this soreness.  It wasn’t until midmorning that I remembered that I had gotten a flu shot yesterday. I had forgotten that I always get sore for the next couple of days after the shot.  It certainly beats getting the flu.  The kids and I always get the shot and (knock on wood) so far we haven’t gotten the flu since we made this an annual routine.


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